How to Discover Munich on a Budget?
08.10.2016 10:10

Munich is a thriving city in southern Germany with a population of about 1,400,000 people who enjoy a high quality of life thanks to a thriving economy. Its main sources of income are from information technology, biotechnology, and publishing.

Exploring Munich On a Budget

If you’re exploring Munich on a budget avoid Munich´s Oktoberfest, which runs from late September to October.

During Oktoberfest the prices go way up and safety also goes way down. The best month to visit is in November. The weather in November is cold, so bring a Jacket. The weather for the rest of the year looks like this: Winter is from December to March. The coldest month being January freezing temperatures, do expect snow. Summer is from May until September. The hottest month is in July with an average temperature of 24.0 °C (75 °F). Expect sudden rainstorms during this time.

Cheap Accomodations and Travel

November is also the best time to find cheap accommodations. The Wombats City Hostel (located within 3 minutes from Bahnhof central station) is highly recommended and starts around 20 Euros a night. A family sized hotel starts at around 84 Euros a night. The cheapest form of travel is by train. Prices range from 2.50 to 5.20 Euros a ticket. If public transportation doesn’t excite you then the next best thing is bike travel. Call-A-Bike offers daily bike rentals for 5 Euros.

Must See Tourist Destinations

Like I said, there is a lot to see in Munich. The top tourist destinations are the Bavarian Castles. If you’re planning on seeing some Bavarian Castles and Palaces like the Nymphenburg Palace, then get a season pass. An annual pass for one person is 45 Euros. For 2 people the pass is 65 Euros. The passes are good for all locations. Normally each attraction is 15 Euros each per a day. The Bavarian Museum is only 1 Euro on Sundays Tuesdays are the best time to see a movie when tickets drop from 8 Euros to 5.9 Euros

Want to See Munich for Free?

If you’re looking for something free to do then there’s lots. The Munich walking tour is always free. Some places you can visit for free are Munich’s Church of Our Lady, Field Marshal’s Hall, Munich’s Residence Palace, Theatine Church, Viktualienmarkt, The English Garden, St. Peter’s Church, St. Michael’s Church, Dachau Concentration Camp, Deutsches Museum, and the Olympic Stadium.

When you’re done seeing the famous sites you can save money on food by avoiding the main tourist spots. Food prices for quick eats (kebab, gyros and bratwurst) start at 2 Euros. However the most affordable food can be found at the local markets.

I hope you enjoy your time in Munich on a budget.








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